A New PS4 Remote Makes the Playstation a Halfway Decent Set-Top Box

Sony’s Playstation 4 does most of the TV-watching things a TV-watching box is meant to do, apart from the fact that watching Netflix using two analog sticks is a pain. Sony’s new Bluetooth universal remote should fix all that.

The new PS4 Universal Media Remote, $30 from your favorite internet retailer later this month, should make the PS4 a little more palatable to your spouse. Rather than having a useless $400 that only plays video games with a controller thingy, you now have a $400 that controls the PS4, apps like Netflix, and any other IR-controllabe things around (like the TV itself).


So, in theory, you can replace all your remotes with Sony’s decently-cheap Bluetooth option, and live a happy streaming existence thereafter. It still probably won’t beat dedicated remotes like Logitech’s Bluetooth-enabled Harmony, though.


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