A Notchless Dispenser That Cuts Tape With a Perfectly Straight Edge

There's probably very few of us who've put much thought into what kind of tape we use to wrap a gift—after all, choosing the paper is hard enough. But there's a small subset of the population who couldn't possibly consider giving a gift that wasn't flawlessly wrapped. And it's those folks who will be ecstatic to discover this Notchless dispenser that cuts clear adhesive tape without leaving that telltale zig-zag pattern on the edges.


Designed by Mamoru Yasukuni, the Notchless dispenser is made from solid aluminum with a plastic spindle in the middle designed to hold your tape. The dispenser's cutting edge features a set of shallow teeth that easily slice through tape while leaving a perfectly straight and clean finish on the edge. Your family and friends might scoff at paying $40 for such a minor detail when scissors can produce the same results, but that's only because—despite the actual gift inside the shoddy wrapping—they clearly don't love you. [Japan Trend Shop]

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