A Number of Best Buy's PlayStation 3/HDTV "Deals" Are Iffy

So you know that $1,100 off deal Best Buy and Sony teamed up to deliver that packages a PlayStation 3 with games and a Bravia HDTV? Somewhat misleading, according to analysis from our friend Gary over at HD Guru.

You see, the televisions in a few of these bundles never really sold for as much as Best Buy says they did, meaning the "steep discounts" are anything but. There's some savings to be had here, definitely, but even so six of the twelve TVs sold through this promotion were never actually offered for full price by Best Buy.


Here's just one example from HD Guru (emphasis theirs):

Sony KDL-46Z5100 46″(sku #9279899): $2,099.99 TV + $299.99 PS3 System + $59.99 PS3 Game + $29.99 Blu-ray Movie = $2,489.96 Regular Price – $410 TV Savings – $428.98 Package Savings = $1,650.98 Package Price

Current TV price is $1689.99. This TV never sold at BB for the MSRP of $2099.99

However, tucked in amongst the 12 bundles are a number of good deals. Just be careful when shopping around to be sure the one you've selected is really saving you a bundle. Price check against Amazon, here, or elsewhere first. The sale begins today and lasts through December 12. [HD Guru - Thanks, Gary]

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