A Penguin Cosplaying As Judge Dredd Is An Actual Toy You Can Buy

He is the Law, and He's also goddamn adorable! This new vinyl toy from Blind Mouse Toys combines the grim, harsh world of 2000AD's Judge Dredd with all the cuteness of penguins into one lovely vinyl toy.

Cosplay Penguin has taken a while to arrive, but now the first in the series (there's going to be more penguins dressing up as things, oh my god!) is finally available, and he looks glorious. The lovely little guy stands at around 4.5 inches tall, and although you can't remove his helmet to see the penguin beneath it, he does come with a removable Lawgiver. But why would you take his Lawgiver away from him? This Penguin needs it TO DISPENSE JUSTICE.


Even better though is that the first 1000 orders of the Judge Penguin get a copy of this delightful art showing him in action by Eamon O'Donoghue, who also designed the box art for the little fella:

I can't take it. This is too much cute.

If you want a Cosplay Penguin, they're available now on Blind Mouse Toy's website for $40.


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