A preview of The Captains, William Shatner's bizarre musical documentary tribute to Star Trek

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William Shatner and Avery Brooks joined together for a lively discussion at San Diego Comic-Con moderated by Kevin Smith about the Epix Pictures documentary The Captains, a series of conversations between Shatner and other Captains of the Star Trek universe.


Apparently Shatner asked Brooks to score the movie after the bonded over music during his interview. We saw a clip of the duo at a piano, with Avery, a jazz pianist, playing and Shatner improvising lyrics over the music. Brooks' score was done in an improvisational style, with the score recorded as Brooks played while viewing footage from The Captains.

Shatner said that he tried to devise interesting methods of introducing each of the captains, as he had never met most of them before. We saw a clip with Chris Pine and Shatner arm-wrestling on Melrose Avenue over who would be called James Tiberius Kirk, followied by the first meeting between Shatner and Scott Bakula. Their introduction was staged so that Bakula and Shatner approached each other along a dusty road, only to be seen sitting on horses, singing parts of Fiddler on the Roof later in the clip. Following the clip, Bakula made a surprise appearance at the panel. When asked by Kevin Smith if he was concerned if he would be the only Captain not invited for the film, he replied, "I had to pay to get into it." Bakula later said about his role in Star Trek: Enterprise, "I was probably the messiest of the Captains. We had no rules, nothing to follow…we had less technology."

The Captains can be found along with a set of Shanter-centric content entitled "Shatner-palooza" on the channel Epix. If you don't have the channel, a free preview of Epix that would allow you to see the The Captains can be found here. In the meantime, enjoy a trailer for The Captains:

Images courtesy of Epix.


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