A Projector Camera That Adds Wacky Animations Can't Just Be for Kids

Photography is a lovely hobby for adults who've developed the requisite patience to wait for the perfect shot. But for kids? Not so much. They demand more instant gratification, so Hasbro has created the Showcam, a digital camera targeted at kids that lets them add effects and hilarious animations to photos, and even project them on a wall for all to see.

Other camera manufacturers offer digital cameras with built-in pico projectors for more easily sharing photos, but they've never really caught on. And it's probably because those cameras don't come with 50 optional animated effects—like animal parts or wacky hats—that can be perfectly aligned using its 1 3/4-inch LCD display before snapping a shot.


Hasbro could be onto something here; your neighbor's vacation photos would certainly be more entertaining if everyone were dressed like vikings. And with a $60 price tag parents will probably feel more comfortable handing this to a child than an expensive DSLR, or even a smartphone. [Hasbro via Hammacher Schlemmer]

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