A Rabbi Armed with a Blowtorch Keeps Things Kosher

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If you saw a 6 foot 3 inch man built like a football player armed with a 3 1/2-foot blowtorch, what would you do? Why if you're Jewish, you'd hire him to clean your place before Passover.


His name is Rabbi Naftali Marrus and he calls his blowtorch, "The Inferno". The guy is serious about his work, which entails finding and scrubbing the tiniest of leavened foods (which is banned during Passover) away from kitchen counters and restaurant ovens. When he's just about finished cleaning, he blasts the Inferno on steel trays, the inside of ovens, pots, pans and more to make sure everything's Kosher and there's nothing left behind. After he's done, he gives the place the OK Kosher for Passover label.

It's thorough work and the blowtorch can be a gnarly thing, so he always has to stay true to one of his beliefs: "you have to be respectful to the blowtorch". I agree. Read about Rabbi Marrus and his whole Kosher Certification crew at the WSJ. [WSJ]

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When I was a boy, if you looked on the back of the Hebrew National hot dog packages, they would say, "These hot dogs were blessed by Rabbi such-and-such." I thought that was really cool.

I said to my dad, "Do they really have Rabbis who bless each hot dog as they come down the line?"

My father rolled his eyes and said, "Are you mashugana? They bless the machines! Do you really think that a Rabbi would dedicate his whole life to blessing hot dogs?" I shrugged my shoulders. My father mentioned something about, "This is what I get for marrying a shiksa" before he left the room.