A Retro Rug That Only Battles Dirty Shoes, Not Invaders From Space

If it's important for your grown-up home to reflect everything you loved about your childhood, you probably have already discovered that Etsy is a wonderland of nostalgia. And if your fingers still show the scars of years placing Space Invaders at your local arcade, you're sure to want to snatch up these hand-made invading alien rugs.


There's a small assortment of color options available on SpaceInvadersMats' Etsy page, but since the four-foot wide mats are all made to order, you can probably request your own custom color palette if you reach out to them first. At $55 they're not terribly expensive, but keep in mind if you live outside the UK, like in the US, shipping will be an extra $50. Still, if you were never able to finish the game as a child, wiping your feet on one of the aliens every time you get home could be a therapeutic way to move on. [Etsy via Technabob]

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