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A Slick Sony Mirrorless Camera Is Your Deal of the Day

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mirrorless cameras fall into a tricky pricing valley. At $600, which is a common MSRP, they're in direct competition with starter DSLRs, which remain the best kind of camera to buy if you're seriously learning photography. But they're also feeling pressure from the low end—sure, photos taken with APS-C sensors look great when they're blown up, but for most web uses they end up being overkill. The fact remains, though, that the right mirrorless camera can produce slick images, and the Sony NEX-F3 does just that. Mario Aguilar reviewed it last June and found a lot to like:

The NEX-F3 takes lovely photos, even in tricky situations. The camera is fast, responsive, and, with some tinkering, a more powerful shooter than its competitors. Interchangeable lenses and compatibility with a digital viewfinder will appeal to an aspiring photographer with plans to eventually step up to a DSLR.

Today, Amazon's Gold Box deal knocks the well-reviewed Sony NEX-F3 with a kit lens down to $370, which is a good deal, and the right price for this camera. Before yesterday, it was $500. Check out some sample shots here, then circle back to see whether a $130 price drop is enough to get you to pull the trigger. [Amazon via The Verge]


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Another Reminder To Never Buy Tablets On Contract

AT&T announced today that it's going to start carrying the Kindle Fire 8.9. Which is great and all, even though the tablet already used the AT&T network. But the real story is that they're going to start selling the Kindle Fire on-contract for $250—which is a solid $150 less than you can get it from Amazon. Sure, seems like a deal, especially if you were committed to using AT&T LTE for two years. But how many people buy a tablet on contract and then never take it out of the range of their home wifi network? So stay away—you'll end up paying way more than you would just buying it directly from Amazon. [AT&T]



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