A Sliding Stool That Expands To Accommodate an Extra Person

With a design that promises to revolutionize flirting at the bar, Karthik Poduval's Room For Two stool features an expanding design that allows it to seat two people when the need arises. So there doesn't have to be an extra stool available when there's someone you want to sidle up to.

It's of course also a great piece of furniture for a small apartment since it takes up minimal space while providing temporary extra seating when company visits.


And yes, they can be custom ordered, just remember that usually means they'll be a little on the expensive side. Poduval will make you one of two versions—a taller stool made of ash, or a shorter stool made of oak—as long as you have the patience to wait two or three weeks for it to be finished. [Karthik Poduval via Dornob]

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