A Speaker Helmet That Maybe Takes First-Person Shooters Too Seriously

You've already got the hyper-realistic machine gun controller, but you've probably noticed that playing a war-themed first-person shooter on your basement couch just doesn't feel like you're actually at war. There's definitely something missing—and that something surely has to be Hyperkin's new ComRad that packs speakers and a boom mic into a realistic looking helmet.


Available come the end of September for $60, the ComRad wirelessly connects to your console of choice—the PS3, the Xbox 360, and presumably the next-gen options—letting you trash talk to your heart's content. And a pair of rechargeable battery-powered speakers over each ear let you blast the simulated sounds of battle.

When you're only wearing a helmet into battle, there's of course still the risk of easily being spotted by enemy troops. But thankfully Hyperkin had the foresight to include a set of three interchangeable helmet covers with varying levels of fatigues. Just remember that whatever you gain in gameplay you stand to lose in the admiration of your peers. [Hyperkin]


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