A Spidernaut Spent 100 Days in Space and Returned Home a Hero

She did it! A jumping spider named Nefertiti went all the way to space for 100 days, hung out on the ISS, and now the little spidernaut has re-entered our atmosphere. She has officially hung up her space suit and retired to a quiet life in the Insect Zoo at the National Museum of Natural History.


Above is a video of Neffi aboard the ISS in her temporary home. She probably misses it, but likes having other aging insect friends to play bridge with. Here's how the first jumping spider to go to space and successfully readjust to life on the blue planet did it:

This is awesome. You know what else is awesome? Imagining Neffi escaping undetected while aboard the ISS, and an astronaut with severe arachnophobia discovering her crawling around the place. [NMNH h/t @Smithsonian]



This was his welcome reception.