A Star Wars Making Of Book That Focuses On Models, Not CG

Computer graphics and digital effects are integral to summer blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy today, but back in 1976 when Lucas created his visual effects company Industrial Light & Magic to help realize the original Star Wars, miniature models were the tools of the trade for special effects—as this limited edition version of Sculpting A Galaxy beautifully illustrates.

For just shy of $400 the set includes a book filled with over 300 photos and illustrations from the Lucasfilm archives detailing the history and use of miniature models in films over the years, which, surprisingly, are still in use in filmmaking today. The boxed set also comes with a documentary about ILM's model shop, as well as recreations of actual models of the Landspeeder and sections of the Death Star used in the original films. [ThinkGeek]


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