Here's the Ego Mini, the tiniest Wi-Fi enabled action cam around. It's 1.62 x 0.86 x 2.05 inches little, and Liquid Image says it's designed to be less about "fun" and more about "function." Translation: This might be when action cams turn the corner off of Action Replay Avenue and onto Pervy Perv Sex Video Boulevard.

The big difference between the Ego Mini and its big brother is that it doesn't have a basic screen, and its battery is removable. Ostensibly, this makes it good for as a security camera or other boring things. But it's easy to imagine how a super tiny camera that connects to iPhones and Android devices over Wi-Fi with live view up to 400 meters away can be put to other uses. You know, hypothetically.


The Mini has a 130-degree lens (narrower than the 170-degree GoPro), a 7MP CMOS sensor, and shoots 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps. That's the same camera as the larger Ego. It'll come with a few mounts, for actual sports use, as well as a splash guard, for either sports or perv use. It'll be $200, and comes out later this year. [Liquid Image]