A Tent For You, Your Friend, and Your Motorcycle

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Have you heard the one about the guys who rode into a campground with a Nomad tent? Oh. They just had a really good night's sleep. The Nomad Ténéré uses three poles, sleeps two, and has one awesome motorcycle garage.


After a long, hard ride, you want a nice place for both you and your bike to zonk out. The Nomad Ténéré Expedition Tent, "dedicated to the adventure motorcycle traveler," provides a reliable shelter for two full-size adults—it has 30 square feet of interior room—and also has a sweet garage for one full-size bike.

But the smartest part of the design might be how it keeps you out of the rain when you're setting the thing up:

Park the bike, set up the outer sheet of the tent and you are instantly out of the elements for erecting the inner tent. When you are ready to take off in the morning you can pack up the inner tent, the ground sheet and your gear onto the bike all within the comfort and shelter of the outer sheet.

The tent itself is made from ripstop nylon, with a polyester floor, and it only weighs 13 pounds when it's all packed up. The Ténéré runs $399, but it'll make your motorcycle very pleased with you. [Nomad via Uncrate]


Antubis is nominal

Personally, I wouldn't want to be in the same tent as my motorbike (for olfactory reasons). I would also expect something better than ripstop nylon for a 400 dollar tent, such as Gore-tex.

But then again, I'm often unreasonably critical when it comes to tents.