A Truck-Turned-Photo-Studio For a Different Kind of Drive-By

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LA-based photographer Johnny Tergo has taken an interest the kind of drive-by we can actually get behind. A frequent commuter, Tergo decided to use time on the road to his advantage—by building a custom camera and lighting rig in his Chevy Silverado that lets him snap studio-quality shots of unsuspecting passers-by.

Remaining in the driver's seat at all times, Tergo is able to control every aspect of his speeding studio. An app called Capture Pilot lets him use his iPad mini to remotely set exposure. Custom fitted controls allow him to toy with the mounted strobes for appropriate ambiant light. And since his subjects are usually entirely unaware of the role they're about to play, expertly timed honks and jerks forward help him frame the image to his liking.


While the rig is amazing on its own, the photographs it produces are just as much of a delight to behold. Confused, unaware, and (rightly) startled people stare back at you from the shots, some mere seconds away from angrily shouting at their newfound paparazzo (which Johnny admits, tends to happen occasionally). So if you happen to be wandering around LA, make sure to smile pretty—you never know who's watching. [Peta Pixel]


Images: Johnny Tergo