Unless you wear it every single day, that fancy kinetically powered watch of yours is going to stop running if left sitting on your dresser. So instead of having to constantly reset the time, you can drop a small fortune on this mesmerizing 360 degree watch winder which may or may not also open a wormhole to another part of the galaxy.

Borrowing some engineering secrets from NASA's zero-gravity astronaut trainers—aka aerotrims—and that gigantic contraption from the movie Contact, this watch winder spins your timepiece in all directions to keep it wound when not being worn. It's smart enough to stop on its own when your watch is fully powered, but the winder's $18,000 price tag is probably more attributed to the fact it's completely hand-made, from the mouth-blown crystal dome, to the lacquered wood base. That's insanely expensive to most of us, but serious watch collectors probably wouldn't bat an eye at a device that promises to keep their even more expensive timepieces ticking—in whichever dimension they wind up. [Hammacher Schlemmer via Coolest Gadgets]