A Watch With a Gaping Hole Where the Dial and Hands Should Be

A circle is pretty much the only thing the EOTS watch from Germany's Yesign has in common with a traditional analog watch. Where you'd normally find a circular face ringed with numbers, the EOTS features a round hole ringed with LEDs that light up to tick off the minutes and hours.

Originally designed as a concept, Yesign actually created a production run of the EOTS but weren't completely happy with the results. So it collected the 100 best pieces and is selling them to collectors who like something unique strapped to their wrists for just $112. But remember, there are no refunds, no returns, and no warranty. If it breaks, you're left with nothing but a marginally stylish bracelet, and a better understanding of why more concepts don't become a reality. [Yesign via designboom]


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