A Water Droplet and a Space Station Are the Ultimate Way To Visualize Sound

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You might think the trippy animated visualizations in your media player are the best way to see your music. But astronaut Don Pettit has found a better way—and all it requires is a small set of speakers, a blob of water, and a space station 250 miles above the Earth.

On the planet's surface the water would simply flatten out due to gravity, and the soundwaves would look like boring old ripples on the surface of a pond. But on the space station, where gravity's pull is almost non-existant, the water holds its shape as a half-sphere that gets deformed in 3D as the soundwaves emanate from the speaker in all directions. It's utterly mesmerizing, and we can't think of a better reason for aspiring to be an astronaut than this simple experiment. [YouTube via The Verge]