A Whiteboard With a 3D Face Will Really Improve Office Doodles

Hilarious caricatures of bosses and uptight managers are a staple of any office. But unless you work in a design studio filled with artists, deciphering who a doodle is supposed to be can be tricky. Unless you've got this whiteboard featuring a 3D face relief that lets even number crunchers create erasable masterpieces.

Anyone familiar with the layout of the human face should be able to sketch reasonable facsimiles of anyone they know—friend or foe. And it's a whiteboard, so if you make a mistake like adding angry eyes by accident, or you just can't get the eyes right, you can easily erase it and start again and again.


For $25 every office and cubicle should come equipped with one of these. If for no other reason that it will make it a lot easier to brainstorm and decide if Ted in marketing should grow a mustache or not. [ThinkGeek]

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