A Year of Tortured Patience: Holding Out for the Second-Gen iPhone

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When the first iPhone was announced, I thought it looked cool. Very cool. But I just couldn't bring myself to plunk down a whopping $600 on a phone that lacked some pretty important features: video recording, picture-messaging, tons of storage, and, most importantly, a 3G connection that would make the awesome mobile Safari browser worthwhile. I assumed that if I just held out for the next generation, I'd - at the very least - get the higher bandwidth, and probably pay less up front for it. Let me tell you, it's been a hell of a long wait.


As the year has progressed, I've kept having situations where I just wished I had a little device that would allow me to surf the web with ease: trying to settle a debate at a bar with friends, checking reader comments of a post while in a cab, that sort of thing. I used the Helio Ocean for a time, then, when its fatness in my pocket just got on my nerves, I switched to the Helio Fin. It's thin, but its browser leaves a lot to be desired. Most websites came up garbled and difficult to navigate, and the arrow keys are a lousy way to move around. Yes, I know it's not fair to compare a flip phone to a pseudo-smartphone, but having a flip phone and seeing everyone else daintily rubbing their iPhones just made it that much more painful.

Adding to my lack of patience is the fact that I traveled more this year than maybe in any other year in my life combined. I flew to Tokyo, to LA, to Portland, to South Carolina, to Vegas, to Florida, to New Hampshire. And guess what? Living in NYC means that you've got maybe an 85% chance of having your flight delayed when leaving or coming back. All those hours I spent in airports waiting for delayed planes - if I had an iPhone I would've been able to check Giz easily! I could read Tumblr! I could just surf around on the web and kill time!

Although the impulse to cave grew and grew, it made increasingly less sense to buy one. After all, I was being mature and waiting. I'm not some impulsive person who can't control their own spending! Hell, I'm one of only two Giz editors who uses a PC - I'm no Apple fanboy! Also, I talked a lot of shit to my co-workers who did buy one, so if I gave in before the next version came out, I'd end up looking like a real asshole.

With every new rumor about the iPhone 3G that came out, it made me want one more, but it also strengthened my resolve to wait. To the folks who already had theirs it was just a countdown to an upgrade, but for me it was when I could get my first taste of iPhone ownership.

Now, finally, God willing, my nightmare is ending and I'll finally get a 3G iPhone. And it will all have been worth it. Because I won't have an old iPhone to try to get rid of and I'll probably spend less than those early adopters had to. Plus, my first experience with the iPhone will be better. While everyone else had to suffer through pokey EDGE connections and annoying missing features, I'll be hopping on board right when the iPhone hits its stride. I'll have not only the internet at the airport, but games and all kinds of other stuff!

See? It was worth waiting. I'm smart! It was worth going through an entire year without the phone I really wanted. I'm the most sensible editor at Gizmodo! Right guys? Right? Please, tell me I'm right.



I'm A Different Bird

I'm really hoping that that rumored $200 price is true — because if it is, the prices on the 1st gen iPhones will plummet on eBay, and I might just get one just to jailbreak it and unlock it.

Because, really, it's a swank piece of tech. It's the price tag, and having to use it through AT&T, that made it unappealing to me.