Abit IL-80MV: First HDMI-Equipped Motherboard

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Here's a quick peek into the near future, where Universal Abit is first up with an HDMI-equipped motherboard. The Abit IL-80MV also supports Intel's newest Core 2 Duo chips, and has dual SATA 3.0Gbps second ports, FireWire and optical audio in and out. The board is now in the process of getting AACS certification from Silicon Image, so we can expect the HDMI-out to support copy-protected (HDCP) signals.

Now if they would just bring on the CableCard support (or even better, CableCard 2.0 if it's ever finished), this might make a good foundation for pretty good Vista-supporting digital video recorder. Turns out the near-future is pretty soon, with company insiders saying we'll be seeing retail availability next month, at an as-yet-undetermined price.


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