Accidentally Take Your Gadget Swimming? Rice Might Be Your Best Friend

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Who hasn't accidentally left a phone, camera or MP3 player in a swimsuit pocket and gone swimming? It's a harrowing experience, but there's hope: Dunking the gadget in rice is a somewhat surprising yet very effective drying method.

We've all soaked a not-so-waterproof gadget or two, and we know that lots of them can come back to life after a few days of drying, albeit sometimes with some unfortunate damage. But dunking a wet gadget in a container of rice (provided the surrounding environment is humidity-free) can absorb excess moisture and reduce the possibility of damage, which can come in handy in these glorious summer months that are so fraught with danger for our beloved gadgetry. Not that we're suggesting you take your iPhone along with you for a surf, but if you do, this (and more suggestions at Lifehacker) might save your gadget's life. [Lifehacker]