Acer Aspire One With Integrated 3G

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According to BGR, The 8.9" Aspire One netbook is expected to be available with integrated 3G starting this November in Taiwan. The upgrade will cost an additional $95 over the standard model, but there is no word on when we might see a similar bundle arriving in the States. However, integrated 3G was always part of the plan, so with any luck we won't have to wait too long. On a related note, jkOnTheRun spotted a Japanese newspaper flyer that appears to offer a similar bundle with the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and the HP 2133 along with a $370 subsidy when users sign up for a two-year 3G plan with Emobile. [BGR and jkOnTheRun]

Illustration for article titled Acer Aspire One With Integrated 3G

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Creole Trash Panda

DAMN I WANT THIS SOOOO BAD. I am trying my best to hold out until the 3G roll out. That way I can clone my SIM Card and use my unlimited T-Mo data plan [tethering the Dash is soo damn slow], plus I ordered a new timbuk2 bag today, which this should fit into nicely. Micro Center is teasing me by putting this on the front page of their circular.

Msi—- Blown in the Wind

Dell—- Couldn't Keep the price honest

Lenovo—- if you bat your eyes hard enough I may look

Asus—- Look babe you may have been here first, but the hot chick just showed up to the party.