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Acer's Bloatware Adds 2+ Minutes to Boot Time, HP, Dell and Sony Not Much Better

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

PC Pro looked into the bloatware included on new laptops by major manufacturers, measuring how memory, HDD space and boot times are negatively effected. And good lord, it's worse than you thought.

Bloatware, the crap software that manufacturers pre-install on their computers that include demos, media software and other junk you never use, is infuriating. And seeing the numbers, it's even more insane that these companies are crippling their own products with this junk. Here's how the worst offenders break down, compared to clean installs on the same machines:

Acer: 2:01 longer boot time, 952MB larger memory footprint, 2.4GB less HDD space
HP: 1:35 longer boot time, 1.06GB larger memory footprint, 2.18GB less HDD space
Dell: 0:52 longer boot time, 1.18GB larger memory footprint, 3GB less HDD space
Sony: 1:54 longer boot time, 1.11GB larger memory footprint, 1.3GB less HDD space


Pretty repulsive stuff; at least Microsoft isn't including this garbage on PCs sold in their stores. Be sure to check out PC Pro for the full study and results. [PC Pro via Slashdot]