Acer's Got an Awesome-Looking New 11-inch Touchscreen Ultrabook

While everyone's spewing out Windows 8 hybrids all over the place, Acer has an 11-inch ultrabook that looks pretty exciting.

The Aspire S7, the apparent semi-successor to the Aspire S5, has an 11-inch 1366x768 touchscreen (the same resolution as the 11-inch MacBook Air) made of Gorilla Glass, Core i5 or i7 processors, HDMI and USB 3.0 ports. It's unclear what RAM options look like, but it's probably safe to assume the 4GB/8GB model of current gen ultrabooks.


We don't have pricing information, but Acer's obviously jumping on the "make our best stuff touchscreens" end of the bus. The S7 looks slim and beautiful and well-made, going by the Verge's look at it. And it doesn't have the annoying and worrying rear mechanized dock connector of the S5.

Anyway, the S7 looks pretty good, and we'll let you know more when we do. [Verge]


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