Actor Tony Curtis Loved His iPhone So Much That He Was Buried With It

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While I was reading MSNBC's touching write up of Tony Curtis' funeral, something caught my attention. It was right there—right in the list of treasured items buried with the late actor: An iPhone.

It's not really uncommon for individuals to request that some dear possessions be buried with them and I doubt that this is the first time one of those items was a gadget. But the fact that the shiny device seemed like it fit right in with all the other possessions shows how we're gradually changing as a society:

Actor Tony Curtis was buried Monday with a melange of his favorite possessions - a Stetson hat, an Armani scarf, driving gloves, an iPhone and a copy of his favorite novel, "Anthony Adverse," a book that inspired his celebrity name and launched a robust film career that spanned decades and genres.


It's not just traditional heirloom items that are considered precious enough to play a part in a funeral anymore, but instead we're including our everyday treasures—the ones that keep us entertained and organized.


All those thoughts about society and gadgets aside though, the MSNBC article is really worth a read. It provides a brief history of the Curtis' life along with a fitting photo and video tribute. [MSNBCThanks, You!]

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