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Actual Musician to Premiere Actual Song on Mars Because No One's Totally Sick of Him There Yet

Illustration for article titled Actual Musician to Premiere Actual Song on Mars Because No Ones Totally Sick of Him There Yet

This isn't even a joke! Serious musician is premiering a new song tomorrow. On Mars. Broadcast through the Curiosity rover. And the name of said song, which also just for the record is not actually a joke, is "Reach for the Stars."


Let's be realistic. It's no "Don't Phunk with My Heart." And it might not match the lyrical elegance of "I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night." But it has something to do with "the singer's passion for science, technology, and space exploration" and also education through's Foundation. Which we can't really argue with but that is way too many periods for one sentence. Just guessing but this song probably has a line in it that says something to the effect of "shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars." has a Grammy. [NASA via SlashGear via The Verge]

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Thanks, Will.I.Am.A.Wanker. Mars will invade the Earth, destroy us, and we will deserve it. Space is pretty huge, can't we just shoot this douchebag into the interstellar void, instead of polluting all our planets with him?