Ad Hawk: Find Out Which Shadowy Company Is Paying for Those Political Ads

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You could drive yourself crazy listening to political ads that sound like they're trying to help you by playing up the strong points of one candidate and exposing the shady business of another. But most of the time these ads are paid for by some corporation or group with an agenda. The Sunlight Foundation's new app, Ad Hawk, will tell you which organization that is.

What does it do?

Listens to political ads on radio and TV and tells you who paid to put them in your ear.


Why do we like it?

An organization might have a name like "Americans for a Better America," which sounds relatively benign but they might actually be a insane far right wing organization that just wants a president who's going to make sure women are back in the kitchen where they belong. Or they could be some insane fringe group of anti-Government separatists. You never know. Ad Hawk will give you all the details so you're not duped by some crazy group that hides behind a nice, polished ad on television.


Ad Hawk

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