Adidas Sneaker Phone Must Be Really Fast

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We're so conditioned to retching whenever we see a knock-off, that I did a doubletake when I clapped eyes on this Adidas sneaker phone. Want to know the coolest thing? It's a clamshell. In this case, that's cool. You'll see:

I can't help but want one, even though it's been years since I last wore a pair of shell-toed Adidas. This particular knock-off has the alluring model name "adidass808," and originates from—surprise surprise—China.


Now the specs, here's where you're in for a treat. The 3.5" display has 240 x 320 pixels, there's a dual SIM card slot, and the camera? Well, the camera is a beastly 1.3MP affair.

The only important thing left is to show you the tread of the phone, for that is possibly the best part about it. A phone's underside should never be ignored, I feel. To wit:

[M8Cool via MIC Gadget]

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Wait a second. I thought Zips were the fastest shoes.