Adjustable Goals Make It Fun To Play With Foosball Jocks Again

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Everyone has that friend who grew up with a foosball table, or had one in college, and is impossible to beat. To the point where it's not even fun to play with them, unless it's on this table that introduces handicaps.

If you happen to find yourself squaring off against a foosball savant, this table lets you adjust the size of the goal openings, so you can narrow yours to increase the challenge for your competitor and level the playing field. It also includes an automatic point tracking system, with motion sensors detecting when a goal is scored.

The $700 table's cherry wood finish is also rather lovely, and it's boasted to have a "special lining" around the inside of the pitch that gives more 'oomph' to the ball as it bounces off the walls. I believe we call that rubber. [Hammacher Schlemmer via The Red Ferret Journal]