Adopting a Money-Sniffing Border Patrol Beagle Seems Like a Prudent Investment, Right?

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Seriously, think about it. These are nineteen highly-trained sniffer dogs capable of detecting money, drugs, and guns that Canada just fired and put up for adoption. And one of them, along with that golden nose, could be yours.


Public Safety Minister Vic Toews confirmed today that Canadian Border Services Agency's sniffer-dog force will be cut by 25 percent, 19 of the 72 total dogs will be put up for adoption.

The move, of course, isn't particularly popular among handlers on the BSA. "Taking away tools such as the detector dog service will make smuggling easier. It will result in more guns and drugs on our street," Jason McMichael, first national vice-president of the Customs and Immigration Union (CIU), said. "They are very highly trained and there is a very significant investment in them already. They are used in every facet of our jobs. They are used in land, air, marine and postal. They are one of our most versatile contraband detection tools."

With an adorable sniffer-dog like these, the possibilities are endless. First off, they find money—I'm not an expert but I'm assuming they bring you large sacks of cash marked with dollar signs. Second off, they find drugs—that's every stoner's fantasy pet (aside from Falkor). Third, the find guns—essential if you've had any luck with the first two.

Basically, you would have your very own loot detector what doubles as a babe-magnet. You get a new best friend that the Canadians blew $100,000 training and these service dogs get a good home. It's a win-win! [The Star - Image: Aaron Vincent Elkaim / The Canadian Press]


Ooo, tingle!

Is it true that they don't know when to stop eating?