Adwatch: Pioneer's "Project Kuro" LCD-Killing Plasma Tech by Apple Ad Agency

Here's a 3:40 film montage featuring Spike Lee and some other directors, cinematographers and photographers talking about films, and the essence of kuro, Japanese for the color black, but also the "deep or endless nature of black." It's part of Pioneer's new "Project Kuro" marketing campaign celebrating their kick- ass new plasma technology that is 80% darker than before. The ads will be announced today and gain momentum this fall.


The firm in charge of these better ads is TBWA, better known for making the Apple ads since before the 1984 campaign. They couldn't go with someone better.

After the jump, there's another video, Pioneer's "Passion." No, nobody gets nailed to a cross. But the visuals are so impressive you might want to take your favorite recreational substance and enjoy.


And on a separate note this is all a numbers game that they play anyway. They want to be able to throw out ridiculous contrast ratios when very few people even realize what that means. Sure people might understand that it's the difference between the lightest lights and the darkest darks, but very few realize that a company who wants a higher contrast ratio to put on the side of the box will merely turn up the backlight during testing. Don't worry that Joe Consumer will NEVER want anything that bright in his living room let alone on a computer monitor. So if your max brightness is 1000 and your black point is .5 you have a 2000 to 1 contrast ration. Average monitor brightness that is comfortable? About 200 I think. So what if you want a 4000 to 1 contrast ration? Well, you either have to lower the black point to .25 (the tough part) or get a brightness of 2000. "Shee-yoot, just turn that there lamp up a couple of notches and we can put a bigger number on our box!"

Pioneer is actually tackling the "hard" part of the equation with this, giving you deeper blacks, instead of just getting a brighter light (that will later be turned down anyway.) Kudos to Pioneer. (Or should I say "Kuros"?)

One thing I would actually like to see Gizmodo do (you ARE the gadget blog right?) is give the actual brightness level and black points when they throw out these big contrast ratios. Personally if a monitor has a contrast ratio of 10K to 1 but it's black point is .8 I could care less because everything is just going to be washed out by that horrendous backlight spitting out 8K lumens.