Here's an ad that symbolizes the Zune's song sharing with a cookie that is split for sharing with strangers, only to grow back, over and over again.

No one understands that after 3 days, the cookie DRM activates in your stomach, giving you a bleeding ulcer and diarrhea. Just kidding...about the cookie, not the DRM. But that's ok! Wireless sharing with DRM is still better than no wireless sharing, you ninnies!

People have been claiming the Zune is not selling well, while others are impressed with its quick , solid launch. Some say it sucks, some say it's great.


Let me remind you of the truth: The Zune is here for the long haul. It's a contender. It's worth considering. For some, now. For most, later in a future version.

Back to the Ad. I think between the annoying indie rockers who pretend to breakdance, and wanna be nightmare-before-xmas spots like this one, I think the ads suck.


What do you think of this Zune ad?

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