Illustration for article titled Affinity Chair Sucks the Seated Into Michael Jacksons Dancefloor (Probably)

Ben Alun-Jones' chair either propels the user into a Billy Jean hellhole, or some sort of cruel '80s hairsalon vortex. Either way, the acrylic chair's sensors activate LEDs, forcing this ho-hum chair into a lit-up, flickering throne.


As you can see in the video above, it resembles just an ordinary chair before the sensors are triggered by nearby movement. I wonder if Alun-Jones could work the same technology into other furniture, such as a bed? I imagine for some people—such as Antoine Dodson's sister—that'd actually be pretty useful.

The Affinity chair can be checked out and set alight in LEDs at the Royal College of Art Interim Show in London between the 2nd and 7th of February, and after that at the Victoria and Albert Museum's digital festival on March 5th. [Ben Alun-Jones via DesignBoom]

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