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Prepare for a Fight in Your Ahsoka Episode 4 Spoiler Discussion Zone

Get ready to talk all things Ahsoka episode 4, and enjoy an action-packed clip in the meantime.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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It’s nearly time to return to Star Wars galaxy far, far away for the week, with Ahsoka’s fourth episode dropping tonight on Disney+. But while we wait to talk all things spoiler, here’s another new clip from the show to get you in the mood.

After last week saw a frustrated Ahsoka and Sabine go solo when the New Republic declined Hera’s request for help investigating Thrawn, this week will see the unlikely master and apprentice engage their enemies head on on the planet Seatos—and come out swinging, if the clip below is anything to go by.

Droid Fight | Ahsoka | Disney+

And hey, Sabine gets to do something that she’s actually really good at for once: shoot some people! That’s nice, after last week was all about her frustrations at not being able to keep up with her Jedi training. It’s all very Rebels too: Sabine, blasters in hand, bolts deflecting off her beskar, using her vambraces. It’s nice to see her in her element alongside Ahsoka. But we’re hitting the halfway point of the show tonight, so it’s high time Ahsoka got at least close to answering some of the biggest questions we have about what it’s laying down so far. I don’t even need Thrawn yet, just give me whatever Baylan, Shin, and Marrok’s deal is. They’re fascinating and we’ve not had nearly enough time to get to know them yet.


What do you want from the latest slice of Ahsoka? What are you excited to see? Let us know in the comments below, and once the episode’s dropped, come back and have a spoilery chat among your fellow Star Wars fans while you wait for io9's full recap of the episode to hit tomorrow.

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