Ahsoka's fate in Star Wars: The Clone Wars probably isn't decided yet

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What's going to happen to Ahsoka Tano, the cute, plucky Padawan in Star Wars: The Clone Wars? As the show launches its fourth season tonight, the questions are only getting more pressing.


We caught up with Ashley Eckstein, who voices Ahsoka, and she told us what to expect from her character in season four — and she hinted that Ahoska's fate may still be up in the air. Here's what she told us:

Season four's storylines:

It's called "Season Four: Battle Lines," because it takes you right into the heart of the battle. The battles are epic in season four. Look for a major clone arc.

What to expect from Ahsoka:

And Ahsoka, she really kicks butt in season four. She shows off just how far she's come. Ahsoka picks up in season four right where she leaves off in season three. She's grown up a lot, she's matured a lot. She continues with the more mature theme [this year]. She's far from the Dark Side, but she definitely continues growing up, and the war takes its toll on her. Of course, war is hard on anybody.

Is Ahsoka going to start noticing there's something wrong with Anakin?

I think Ashoka sometimes questions [Anakin's] actions, but she is so close to him. She is attached to him. And because she is so close to him, she doesn't see it. It's almost like she needs an outside point of view, because she only sees the good in Anakin. She refuses to see anything bad in him.


Will there be more of Ahsoka butting heads with young Tarkin this year?

We definitely have some Original Trilogy characters either premiering or continuing in the Clone Wars.


On the fact that Clone Wars is the definitive Star Wars for many young people:

It is amazing: Star Wars: The Clone Wars is Star Wars to the new generation. It is amazing how they keep tying in storylines to the movies. So it is kind of making our show integral to understanding the entire story arc of Star Wars. Which is completely humbling, I never imagined that would happen.


How will Ahsoka end up?

I've heard all the theories, of course. But I don't know. I truly don't think it's decided yet. I've talked with Dave Filoni at length about it. I know for sure whatever happens will be the best thing for the overall story arc. Because again, what I would want isn't necessarily what's best for the overall story. Of course I'm attached to her, and the thought of anything bad happening to her makes me sad, but I trust Dave and I trust the writing staff, and I trust George Lucas obviously — it's his franchise. And I know they'll do the right thing.


On the success of Her Universe, Eckstein's merchandising company for women:

It's going great. And I'm here [at San Diego Comic-Con], because we're debuting our new line with Syfy. We're doing Battlestar Galactica merchandise, Warehouse 13, Sharktopus — we have a Sharktopus shirt. This is my Battlestar Galactica necklace. It's a toaster. We're getting the word out that half of all Star Wars fans, and scifi fans [generally], are women.



James Whitbrook

I don't know if it would make sense to have her die, because the ramification of that on Anakin would then just be completely heartbreaking... and then we get Hayden Christensen in Episode III with all the emotional capacity of a damp sponge (in fact, I would love a version of Episodes II and III where Hayden Christensen's voice is edited out and replaced with Matt Lanter's take on Anakin - muuuuuuuuch better!). I know it would be hard to retcon in anyway, but it would be weird.

Maybe she becomes a Knight and has to take on her own padawan, and that's how she leaves Anakin's side? Then we could get some sort of flashforward to Order 66 and see her either die or go into hiding or something.

Although Clone Wars is ostensibly a 'Kid's cartoon', as its progressed its shown that they're not afraid to openly kill characters off and go darker, so as traumatic as it might be for kids to watch Clones gun down Ahsoka, it would be fitting considering the darker tones of the show as of late!