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Zillow Launches AI Home Touring Tool Nationwide

Zillow's surfing 2.0 generates floor plans using machine learning and panoramic photos.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Zillow surfing 2.0 goes live nationwide today.
Zillow surfing 2.0 goes live nationwide today.
Image: Sharaf Maksumov (Shutterstock)

Zillow’s artificial intelligence guided house hunting service is now here nationwide to make your home buying experience a little less painful. Zillow surfing 2.0 generates viewable floor plans using machine learning and seller photos, allowing buyers to effectively tour a house without stepping foot in it.

One of my favorite past times is scouring Zillow listings in cities I’ll never live in for houses I’ll never buy to fill with furniture I’ll never own. If that resonates with you, then Zillow’s new software rollout could make our lives a lot easier. Zillow surfing 2.0 is an upgrade to the real estate marketplace company’s listings, and is powered by artificial intelligence to generate more immersive floor plans.

“Zillow surfing has always been about imagining all the possibilities a move could bring, and Zillow surfing 2.0 is bringing those possibilities to life in a much more interactive, realistic way,” said Josh Weisberg in a company press release. Weisberg is the vice president of Zillow’s Rich Media Experience team. “Now shoppers can act more quickly and confidently, whether they’re searching in their own neighborhood or hundreds or thousands of miles away. We’re pushing the boundaries of what home buyers and renters can expect when shopping for a home online.”


Zillow says that this new tech will use machine learning to generate floor plans, and import panoramic photos from listings into that floor plan to give users a more immersive view of the houses they’re interested in. The tool is able to estimate room dimensions and square footage as well as generate a clickable floor plan buyers can tour.

It’s not exactly a secret that the housing market in the U.S. is a mess: Redfin says that average U.S. home sale price is currently at $427,696, which is a 10.9% increase year-over-year. This is also up from $263,463 in January 2018. With horror stories of fewer listings posted and opposing buyers swooping in at the last minute, Zillow’s AI tool might help increase buyer confidence in securing a place to live.