Air Protect Baby Seat Is Strong Enough to Take a Punch

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We don't cover a lot of baby seat tech around these parts, but we found Air Protect, a new technology meant to soften the blow to a baby's head in a side-impact crash, downright punchable.

According to Dorel Juvenile Group, makers of Air Protect (which is a system technically comprised of those discs you see surrounding the sea's head area), one in three child crash deaths is from a side impact collision. So the company developed what is essentially a constantly deployed airbag, or a super soft pillow capable of absorbing the a large impact and effectively extending the amount of time a child's head has to stop in an impact situation.

We know it might not sound impressive, but when set on a table you can punch the hell out of one of these discs and not hurt your hand. (You can check out the clip at about 1:50 in here.)


The technology will be available in at least one Safety 1st product at Babies R Us later this year. And while it's tough to know how well the technology will work until it's tested publicly available, our own Wilson Rothman, expert in everything babies (because he has one) points out that Safety 1st isn't generally considered a top tier baby seat company. The rest of us, haters of all small animals that are neither feline, canine or python in nature, would honestly not know. [Safety 1st]