If you are looking for a complete apartment makeover and a cheap private plane, head to eBay now because someone is selling the interior of a passenger airplane. The 19-square-foot "real Boeing aircraft model Airbus aircraft seats" includes everything but the trolley dollies: first class double seats, two fully-equipped airplane toilets, kitchenette, storage lockers, and onboard in-flight video equipment. Jump for more pics and the sellers' psychedelic "business ideas" for this contraption.




!We offer you a business idea at its finest!

If you even before you come in a cocktail bar, you can then in a real airplane ambience in the first-class seats and swing are just out of the daily routine.

You will be doers of style stewardesses served and get in front of it flies in the holiday.

For Hawaiian (or just what you like) Music you start you to relax.

The clouds are flying only way to the windows of passing (obviously, this requires the intake of extra substances, J.) ... to realize with a Endlosposter, which has two roles held.

If you read the whole thing to make huge hits you, you have installed a hydraulic plate below and let the whole story with a little froze every half hour off and land.

The entire course will be displayed on the Angurtdisplays.

Sun offers an opportunity to all cases not so quickly, so without prejudice to!

Enjoy offer!

Needless to say, we've already placed our bid. [eBay —thanks Johannes]