Airplane Liquids Will Hopefully Be A-OK, If The DHS' New Scanner Machine Gets The Go-Ahead

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Not being able to take bottled water on the plane is one of the most frustrating things about traveling. You have to constantly catch the steward's attention, flapping your arms screaming GIVE ME WATER NOOOOW. But that could change, soon.


The US Department of Homeland Security has commented on the restrictive no-liquids rule, claiming their "government brainiacs" have created an airport bag scanner which would stop the need to sort all liquids out of their hand luggage into little plastic baggies, using magnetic resonance scanner technology. The machine has been dubbed the Magnetic Vision Innovative Prototype, or MagViz for short, and will work in coordination with the usual hand luggage x-ray machines.

They'll be able to "peer through whatever container you're carrying, divine what's in it, and let you pass with your bottled water—or during flu season—your hand sanitizer." Sounds like bliss.

Of course, such security changes would mean you'd need to queue in a different line, and presumably it'd be so long it wouldn't even be worth considering if you were hoping to squeeze in a quick Burger King before boarding. [US Department of Homeland Security via The Reg]

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To hell with this "buy/fill up after security" nonsense. That's not the point. It's that kind of reasoning why idiotic rules like this keep going forward. I once bought a rather pricey jar of some really good honey at a farmer's market in NE, and when it was time to leave, it had slipped my mind that this stupid rule was in effect, and so it was confiscated. As I don't bring check-in luggage, there was no way to bring it with me. My dangerous honey went to waste, and my evil schemes of transporting bee spit Eastward was foiled.