Alarm Security System: Protect Your iPhone Away From Prying Eyes

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When someone picks up your phone and starts swiping through your pictures without permission, it makes your muscles tense—it's just about the most obnoxious violation of etiquette there is. But you can stop them before they breach your iPhone with Alarm Security System.

What does it do?

Its a basic alarm that keeps snoops from gaining entry to your phone.

Why do we like it?

It's a very simple way to add more security to your device. First, set up a passcode. Then the phone will automatically lock when it's placed face down or in your pocket. It won't open without the correct password, so you won't be making any butt dials. If someone tries to crack the code, they'll set off a loud siren, tipping you to anyone sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. And if it's detected any potential intrusions, it will tell you so you know to be on alert.


Alarm Security System

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The Best:

Protects your phone

The Worst:

Siren is annoying