Album2 Hands On: A Media Viewer That Frees File Sharing From The Computer

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With a 7" screen and a book-like form factor, the Album2 is well suited for sharing your digital files in a non-digital setting. It was satisfying to hold, simple to navigate and kept the emphasis on content.

Instead of audio, video, and images, the Album2 sorts your media in terms of the actions "Watch," "Look," and "Listen." But it doesn't seem like it's dumbing things down as much as it is simplifying them: the Album2 achieves a delicate balance between being a technically competent media viewer and a device that lets people enjoy their digital content without worrying about the device displaying it.

You can throw pictures, video, or audio in all the common formats onto the Album2's 4GB HD via USB or SD, or access content from Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and other big name sites via WiFi. The three simple buttons on the right side of the viewer were the only controls, and it's hard for me to imagine anyone who couldn't figure out the UI right away.


A leather cover attaches magnetically to the back of the Album2 and folds over as a stand, letting you rest the viewer on table like a digital photo frame. Whether standing on its own or being passed between friends, it's nice to see a gadget that is focused on fostering physical interaction based on the digital media we collect.

The Album2 will be available in Q2 2010 with a pricetag of $199. [Album Life]