Alfred: The Pocket Concierge So Good, Google Had to Have It

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Concierges are pretty awesome. They're so awesome that Google wanted one and they're acquiring Clever Sense makers of the Alfred app. The app's intelligent recommendation engine should help Google get into the local "hey, where do you want to eat/drink?" space.

What's it do?

Alfred asks you about your favorite places in your area and from your answers creates recommendations. Connect your Facebook account and it starts tracking where you've been and what you like from the social network. Hit the green Ideas button and Alfred presents options like Breakfast, Dinner, Nightlife, Dessert, etc. Select a category and you're presented with places Alfred things you'll enjoy.


Why do we like it?

Having your own personal concierge in your pocket is essential for city dwellers. I find myself eating at the same places over and over again. I purposely didn't add some of my favorite restaurants while teaching Alfred. The app still recommended those restaurants to me when I was looking for ideas. The app has been on the iPhone for a few months and it's time for Android users to start eating and drinking better with it.



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