Alien slugs want to leap down your throat: It's Thailand's latest slapstick comedy!

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One-eyed alien blue slugs have a burning desire to invade people, via their throats. It sounds like a remake of Slither, but Thailand's Cool Gel Attacks is a slapstick comedy. Watch people's hilarious attempts to avoid throat-violation, in the trailer.

I haven't been able to find a version of the trailer with English subtitles, but most of the wacky physical comedy in this trailer needs no translation. The insanity starts at about 36 seconds in, when the dog gets invaded by the blue slug from space, then decides to pass the infection on to the nearest human. And then at about 1:30, one of the humans gets a blue slug in his pants, which means everybody else has to kick him in the crotch a few hundred times. Behold the madness:

And here's the English-language synopsis:

In Cool Gel Attacks (กระดึ้บ, Kra Deub), space slugs of a certain size, made of blue gel, with sharp teeth and one big eye, fall from the sky and make life hell for a pair of feuding neighbors who must forget about their differences and team up to defeat the worms.


The film's directed by comedian Jaturong Mokjok. Here are some posters:

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