All Art Should Be Shown In a Sublime Underground Gallery

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The recently completed Daeyang Gallery and House in the hills of Seoul, South Korea is itself a work of art worthy of being shown in a museum, but it's also designed specifically with the purpose of holding private exhibitions and events.

Designed by Steven Holl Architects, the building consists of three "pavilions." One for the residence, one for the gallery, and one just for the entrance. The Daeyang's distinguishing feature is its gallery, which is housed underneath a large reflecting pool. Its creators say the proportions of the building were inspired by the patterns of a modern classical musical composition, to which the 55 skylights directly correlate. If that all wasn't impressive enough, the whole building is cloaked in copper. Wow. [Steven Holl Architects via Dezeen]


Images by Iwan Baan/Steven Holl Architects