All Four of Coke's Classic Bottles Since 1899 Have Been Reissued for Their 125th Birthday

Who here recognizes any of the Coke bottles in that rack? We should all be familiar with the far-right one, which has been in production since 1916, but do you recognize the other three, which were on shelves from 1899?

The far-left "Hutchison" is my favorite, which was their first-ever glass bottle created in 1899. Coca-Cola has reissued the bottle for its 125th anniversary, alongside the limited edition rack which has all four bottles in it.


At £2 ($3.25), the Hutchison bottles aren't too badly priced, but you'd have to be a real Coke fan to spend £40 ($65) on the wooden collectors' case. [Selfridges via CreativeBoom]

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