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All the Big Drone Makers Have Formed a Coalition to Lobby for Drones

Illustration for article titled All the Big Drone Makers Have Formed a Coalition to Lobby for Drones

Between them, DJI, 3DR, Parrot and (soon) GoPro dominate the market for consumer photography drones. So when all those companies announce that they’re forming a group to lobby for sensible drone policies, it’s worth taking note.


The four companies have formed the Drone Manufacturers Alliance, a group that will specifically focus on “policies that promote innovation and safety, and create a practical and responsible regulatory framework” for consumers.

In order to form the new lobbying group, the four companies split from the Small UAV Coalition, which still includes the like of Google, Amazon, and Intel. It makes sense: DJI and Parrot focus on small, consumer drones that are mostly photography tools or expensive toys. Google and Amazon want to change the future of transportation, so naturally, their priorities are going to be a little different.


DJI already has a good history of working with the FAA, including helping set up the agency’s new registration program. The Drone Manufacturers Alliance’s initial statement is a masterpiece of corporate nothingness, but we can still read between the lines. At a guess, the Alliance will be working on loosening restrictions on hobbyists and pro photographers, while also trying to avoid any more injured babies or shotgun interventions.

[DMA via TechCrunch]

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Only a matter of time before somebody causes a tragedt with a drone and the get outlawed.