All the Clues to Steven Universe's Big Pink Diamond Reveal in One Giant Video Compilation

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Steven Universe fans love theorizing about the show almost as much as they love the show itself. So when the last batch of episodes blew the lid clean off one of the show’s longest mysteries, the identity of Pink Diamond, there was a field day as people pored over the series to recontextualize hidden clues. Now even Cartoon Network is getting in on the fun.


The revelation that Rose Quartz was a persona created by Pink Diamond might not have been too much of a surprise for the most diehard veterans of the Steven Universe theory-crafting wars (it was basically one of the biggest theories about the show altogether), the official confirmation we got in “A Single Pale Rose” still had us scurrying back to past episodes to see what we’d missed that paved the way to the reveal.

Cartoon Network’s video helps by stringing together every pertinent scene about Rose Quartz—across 17 minutes!—from the show’s history. While it’s not solely clues, it invites you to rewatch them with the context of knowing that Rose was Pink Diamond, and realizing just how certain moments and lines of dialogue become much clearer in meaning with that information. It’s a pretty neat way of reminding us just how long—and how subtly—the show has been building up to this reveal.