All the FX Tricks Used to Make the Awesome Star Trek Credits

After the opening teaser scene in this summer's Star Trek: Into Darkness, the film bursts into a batshit outer space title credit sequence, which sets the blood-boiling tone for the rest of the adventure. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how those rad 3D graphics were made.


The video above, made by special effects company Video Copilot, takes a fascinating look at the After Effects tricks the company used to create everything from the 3D-asteroid flyovers to the hazy atmospherics of the film's fast-paced titles. In particular, it's interesting to see the screenshots of the computer graphics in progress before they're rendered and exported for the big screen.

The video is partially a plug for Video Copilot's AE plugin, Element 3D, which who can blame them for the self-promotion, but I wish they'd cut some of the cheese-ball antics and stick to the goodness. Luckily, the CG specialists are better at VFX than they are at comedy: The last five minutes of this video are well worth your time. [Video Copilot]

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If only the movie was as good as those credits.

Not that it was a bad movie, it was ok and entertaining, but it is really not the best Star Trek movie. After the 2nd watch, I realized how fast the movie was made and how many plot holes there were.